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Welcome to my little home library..

At the beginning, I created this database for my private use - to assist finding whatever I was looking for. However, I have since moved the database to a public server hoping that it will be useful to someone.

At least search engines seem to like to crawl it.

By no means the content of this database is ment to be complete - there is only stuff that I have access to; nothing more, nothing less. Further, it is very likely that there is incorrect content - I'm sure that I have at least mixed up some of the authors. When you happen to spot an error, then please let me know.

Some statistics: The database contains 255 books, 427 issues of 43 magazines and 63 software titles. There is references to 2119 authors as well as 10976 article entries. The oldest publication in the database is ATK - automaattinen tietojenkäsittely from 1967 while the newest is an issue of Tekniikan Waiheita released at 2005.

You can browse the library contents by
Book title
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