A history of the personal computer: the people and the technology (PDF)


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Development of the Computer

Chapter 2: Personal Computing in the 1960's

Chapter 3: Microprocessors in the 1970's

Chapter 4: Transition to Microcomputers

Chapter 5: Apple Computer in the 1970's

Chapter 6: Microsoft in the 1970's

Chapter 7: Other Software in the 1970's

Chapter 8: Microprocessors in the 1980's

Chapter 9: The IBM Corporation

Chapter 10: Apple Computer in the 1980's

Chapter 11: Competitive Computers

Chapter 12: Microsoft in the 1980's

Chapter 13: Other Software in the 1980's

Chapter 14: Hardware in the 1990's

Chapter 15: Software in the 1990's

Chapter 16: Corporate Activities in the 1990's

Chapter 17: Hardware and Peripherals

Chapter 18: Magazines and Newsletters

Chapter 19: Other Companies, Organizations and People

Chapter 20: Miscellaneous Items

Appendix A: Some Technical Details of Various Personal Computers

Appendix B: Versions of DOS